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Kids' parties are quite often the highlight in a kids' year. A day filled with friends, family, fun, activities, presents and food. One of the hardest things to come up with is the theme or main activity for the party. With the rise in popularity of Bindi and Bob Irwin, there has come an increased interest in wildlife and having an animal themed party. Whether you go for the safari theme or wild animals, a reptile show can be a perfect tie in.

It’s fantastic seeing all the children running around in khaki or in their favourite animal costume. Have native wildlife at the party just seems to top it off. Adults may find it hard to believe but usually the favourite animals on the day are the pythons. Kids love snakes, I don't know what it is, whether it's the adrenaline or the way they feel, but you always get a roar when you pull out a 4 metre python, puts a smile on every face including the terrified grown-ups at the back of the room.

So if you are planning that next birthday party, why not go for a safari themed party and bring in the reptiles. Kids and grown-ups alike will have an absolute ball. You will have plenty of opportunities at these kids parties to take photos, so that you will have memories to hold on to. Add animals to the guest list and you will not be disappointed. For more info visit:


Reptile Parties

Reptile parties are a fabulous way to go because children have a fantastic time fuelled on adrenaline. Children will watch in awe of our amazing native Australian wildlife. It is something that children do not seem to get these days living in the big smoke. They are unfortunately very much removed from the natural world and entrenched in world of computer games and reality television. With a reptile party they will get to learn all about Australian wildlife and develop and new found empathy for animals.

At a reptile party the children get to learn all about insects, frogs, lizards, turtles, pythons (non-venomous snakes) and even crocodiles. The programs are done in a way that allows all the children to participate and engage with each of the animals. It is awesome to see the expression on the face of the kids when they touch an animal. Children are encouraged to touch all the animals throughout the program and the presenter is trained to deal with all types.

Once everyone has had a touch of an animal it is time for the birthday ranger child to have a hold of the animal. This is when we encourage the parents to put their photography skills to the test. It’s always great to capture the expression on the face when the child has a snake around his neck or a stick insect climbing up their sleeve. With every animal, the children will get to have a hold and photo taken and we even get the big kids out for a turn with a whopping 3-4 metre Olive python. If they’re game that is!

It is not always the case that the children want to touch the animals, however it is amazing to see the transition from the start of the program until the very end. Very often we find a marked difference in their confidence and self-esteem by the end of the show. The presenters of the show are passionate about wildlife and also education. The children and adults are guaranteed to have an experience they will never forget.
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Pyjama Party

A sleepover is always great fun for kids of all ages. Staying up watching movies, playing games and chatting about all the latest gossip can keep children entertained all night. Having a theme where everyone wears specific pyjamas is also fun, and helps bonding and comradery. Buying themed pyjamas such as onesies is a possibility.


Older Kids Parties

For the older children, you might want to consider a Melbourne Party Boat for their birthday celebrations. Hire a cruise vessel for a few hours and hold the party on the water. Plenty of room to fit between 20 and 70 people, you can have music, games and food on the boat, and give all the guests a unique experience!

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